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General Physiotherapy - G5-Vibramatic Digital
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General Physiotherapy - G5-Vibramatic DigitalGeneral Physiotherapy - G5-Vibramatic Digital

General Physiotherapy - G5-Vibramatic Digital

Retail Price: $2,895.00
Sale Price: $2,606.00 (You Save: 10%)
Product Description
The G5 Vibramatic Digital is a quiet, powerful, apparatus designed specifically as an adjunct for postural drainage procedures, both in the physical therapy and the respiratory therapy departments. The Vibramatic provides Percussion, Clapping, Vibration and Directional-Stroking action for postural drainage and bronchial hygiene. Directional-Stroking action helps to loosen mucus and move it in the direction you select to achieve airway clearance. Comes complete with caster stand and your choice of either our Respiratory Therapy or Professional Therapy applicator packages. Continuously-variable speed setting: 20-60 CPS; plus timer.

Unit Advantages
-Never Tires! Last patient of the day receives the same quality treatment as the first.
-Requires very little therapist training to produce effective drainage results.
-Treatment time is substantially reduced -Patients relax and enjoy treatment.

Technical Specifications
All machines will be 24 volt operation, with our proprietary power supply provided at no additional charge, to convert 110 volt thru 240 volt input to 24 volts.

Motor - 1/17 horsepower
Output Speed - 10-60 cycles per second
Power Source - 110v or 220v (other voltages available)
Speed Control - Solid State Electronic
Current Leakage - under 75 MicroAmps
Power Cord - 10 hospital grade
Drive Cable - 5'
Housing Material - ABS Cycolac
Configurations - Caster-stand mounted, table-top mounted, or wall-mounted (hardware sold seperately)
Unit Dimensions - 7 1/2 H x 13 W x 14 D
Assembled Dimensions - 44 H x 21 W x 21 D
Unit Weight - 15.75 Lbs
Assembled Unit Weight - 25 Lbs.
Applicator Packages - PRO-PKG, RT-PKG, or SPA-PKG
Timer - Yes
Applicator Storage - Yes

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General Physiotherapy - G5-Vibramatic Digital
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