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Are Facial Steamers Good for Acne
With so much conflicting information on the internet about facial steamers and acne, it can be confusing to those desperately seeking relief from a troubling condition. Simply put, facial steaming alone won't cure your acne, but if combined with other facial care treatments, steaming can be an effective part of acne control and treatment.

If you love the feeling of steam on your face, you'll be happy to hear that you can incorporate facial steaming into a skin care regimen to reduce acne and get the clear skin you've always wanted. You've probably already heard that facial steam can cleanse pores, but that's a big misleading. Facial steam alone won't clean out your pores, but it will open them and loosen dirt and debris to get it ready for removal.

If your acne is caused by pore blockages (comedones), oil and other debris are actually lodged in the pore. The sticky substance is the building block of every blackhead, whitehead or pimple that you see on your skin. Extended steaming won't clear the blockage from the pore or stop new ones from forming. However, it will make the blockage easier to extract. Heated steam helps soften blackheads and non-inflammatory blockages so you can easily remove them with another product like a blackhead strip or blackhead removing tool. An esthetician can also do this in an office.

So while steaming alone won't clear your acne, it's a great beginning step to removing blockages and eliminating blackheads. Facial steam makes cleansers and toners more effective by breaking up blockages before removal. Regular steaming won't help prevent breakouts, but it can help you enjoy your skincare routine more, leading to better skin hygiene overall.

It's important to note that over steaming or using a facial steamer too often can actually make your acne look worse because it will increase redness and inflammation. Steaming causes blood vessels in the skin to rise to the surface and enlarge in an attempt to cool the body. This reaction results in temporary redness and inflammation on the surface.

Combining facial steam treatments with an effective acne medication is the best way to get your blemishes under control and notice an improvement in your skin. For mild breakouts, an over-the-counter treatment may be enough. More advanced cases may require a prescription medication.
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