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Aroma Fan Diffuser Replacement
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Aroma Fan Diffuser Replacement

Aroma Fan Diffuser Replacement

Our Price: $3.99
Product Description
One of the most efficient ways to distribute aromatherapy essential oil scents throughout your home is with an aroma fan diffuser. This Aroma Fan Diffuser Replacement is made for use with the Aromatherapy Fan Diffuse from MassageTools. In this diffuser, an electric fan blows a current of air across a cartridge just like this one in order to distribute the essential oil that you've placed on the pad. Each of these diffuse replacement cartridges can hold one essential oil blend. When you feel that it's time to change up the scent or if you'd just like to be able to rotate through a few blends, place an order for some extra diffuser cartridges. They're incredibly easy to swap out in your fan essential oil diffuser, so keep a few nearby to switch out your scents at will.

4 inches in diameter

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