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Michael Benghiat CD Collection - Sunrise (Free Shipping)
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Michael Benghiat CD Collection - Sunrise (Free Shipping)

Michael Benghiat CD Collection - Sunrise (Free Shipping)

Retail Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $17.95 (You Save: 10%)
Product Description
Bliss 17:35
Le Jardin 15:43
Sunrise, Tiger Mountain 15:43
Reunion 16:59

Running time: 63:58
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SUNRISE, previously released as “Rainbow Bridge” gives listeners a glimpse into Michael Benghiat’s curiosity and interest in non-western musical instruments and traditions. On SUNRISE, Michael elegantly weaves together his own performance on guitars, Balinese gamelan, piano, keyboards, drums and percussion while eliciting both spontaneity and sophisticated responses from the ensemble musicians including Stephanie Bennett on harp, Brice Martin on flutes and recorders, Hersh Hamel on sitar and tanpura and Sandy Howell performing ethereal, chant like vocals on the track “Reunion”.

The end result is a musical performance that is both elevates your spirit and grounds your consciousness in the here and now. One of Michael’s many fans eloquently defined the musical spell of SUNRISE best with this description, “the sound is very profound, deep, and you cannot help but contact your inner self.”


Originally released as “Rainbow Bridge”, SUNRISE, from Michael Benghiat’s AT PEACE® music series, is a sonic elixir for the soul that combines lush instrumentation with the serenity of natural ambience. Gentle harp strumming blends with light guitar gamelan bells, vocalese and flute melodies resulting in an album ideal for listeners looking to relax. The meditative nature of the music draws the listener’s attention inward, allowing calmness to take over and helping them facilitate healing practices. Of special note is the bonus track, “Le Jardin”, not featured on “Rainbow Bridge”. --- Music Design In Review

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