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Light Therapy Devices for Wrinkles & Acne


Do you have a skincare concern? Whether you are bothered by crow's feet and sagging skin, acne and blemishes or fine lines and wrinkles, Baby Quasar is the brand that can treat a myriad of skin issues. For over 15 years, Quasar Bio-Tech (the parent brand of Baby Quasar) has been fulfilling its original mission of "Delivering quality light therapy products to treat people's biggest skin concerns." They have pioneered several technologically-advanced products in the light therapy field that are gentle, safe and yield noticeable results. In fact, Quasar was an innovator in offering the first consumer devices using red and blue light therapy. is pleased to be able to offer some of their many beneficial devices.
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As you browse our inventory, you will notice Quasar devices that emit either a blue or a red LED light. Each light serves a unique purpose. The Quasar Baby Blue Light Therapy System is an FDA-approved treatment for mild to moderate acne. Unlike topical creams and lotions, blue light therapy works by emitting a 415 nanometer LED light to target and destroy the cause of acne - bacteria in the pores. Easy to use and painless, this therapy has been proven to be successful in treating acne and preventing future breakouts. For estheticians or consumers who are looking for a device that treats larger areas and to cut down on your treatment time, we suggest trying the Quasar MD Blue Light Therapy System. It has a larger head than the Quasar Baby Blue.

For those seeking treatment for their fine lines and wrinkles, our red Baby Quasar PLUS Light Therapy System is a pain-free way to achieve long-lasting results. This device features C-Factor pulse modulation technology which emits four wavelengths of amber, red and infrared light to deeply penetrate the skin to help build collagen and elastin.

Trust to be your source for FDA-approved Baby Quasar devices that deliver remarkable benefits from the groundbreaking light therapy technology.
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