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Massagenius - SlimFairy Back Massager
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Massagenius - SlimFairy Back MassagerMassagenius - SlimFairy Back Massager

Massagenius - SlimFairy Back Massager

Retail Price: $195.00
Sale Price: $129.95 (You Save: 33%)
Product Description
Work out those kinks and get deep relaxation anytime you want with the Massagenius SlimFairy Back Massager from MassageTools. This electronic massager uses an innovative cylinder tapping action and infrared heat and light to give you a satisfying and authentic back massage at the touch of a button. Use this personal massager to release tension in your back, neck, shoulders and lower back. The 7,200 RPM speed tapping function with soft caps make this electric massager feel like a real masseuse. It also features a lightweight and slim design that will allow you to use it with only one hand comfortably. The massaging action of the SlimFairy back massager improves blood circulation, reduces fatigue and relieves stress. At the same time, the infrared heat soothes irritated nerves, dilates blood vessels and increases cellular metabolism while relieving muscular tension.

Genius Back Massager Features:

1. 7200 RPM super speed tapping with soft cap, makes it like a personal masseuse. The Genious Back Massager relaxes your tired and stressed muscles, including the neck, shoulders and low back areas.
2. Accelerates the blood circulation, removes fatigue, relieves stress. You feel like it does a daily work out for you. It has two adjustable speed options.
3. Light weight and slim design, you can use one hand to hold it on your back.
4. Infrared heat to help soothing irritated nerves, dilating blood vessels and increasing cellular metabolism. It also relieves muscular tension.
5. Auto shut-off designed to safe guard the product from overheating.
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