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Call Toll Free 866-928-9955 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, PST
Professional Spa & Therapeutic Equipment

Body Cushion - Body Support System

Find the right body support system for your massage practice at MassageTools. Our affordably priced two-piece, three-piece and four-piece bodyCushion sets and body support cushion systems are premium-quality body positioning solutions for massage tables. These cushions support the body on the clavicle, rib, sternum, pelvis and other bony parts to allow your client to relax during a massage. We have three-piece sets connected with Velcro straps for the face, chest and pelvic area that are made in America using medical-grade vinyl.
We have split leg support cushions and adjustable sets that include a variety of small positioning bolsters and wedges to better position your client on the spa table. Our trademarked bodyCushion sets for large-frame patients are favorites for treating women face down when pregnant. Find the single body cushion or cushion set that best serves your needs and budget. If you have questions, consult our expert staff.
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