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About Sound Healing & The Healing Resonance of Ohm (Om)

The Healing Resonance of Ohm

Our system is built on the understanding that musical tones assist the healing process, and that the Ohm frequency, experienced physically and auditorially, promotes the flow of energy in and around your body. As a result, the pathways for "Chi" or the natural life force are restored, energy blocks are removed, and health and wellness regained... Sound Healing is known to reduce stress and pain, and can help re-establish balanced breathing. The medicinal use of sound vibration has been proven to enhance the immune system, help lower blood pressure, and help stimulate the body to heal itself. Sound healing can take place when you listen to a piece of music that soothes or energizes you. Healing can also take place when a specific sound vibration such as Ohm is listened to or applied to the physical or etheric body. Because Ohm contains all sound, just as light contains all color, we think of Ohm as a Source Tone. Ohm is universally considered sacred and healing, and has been used for thousands of years by cultures throughout the world. The sound vibration of Ohm is restful and has a calming and healing effect as it grounds and centers. After working with numerous cosmic and diatonic frequencies over the last 30 years, I feel I have come full circle by focusing my research at this time on the Ohm frequency. Because Ohm is omnipresent in nature and the Ohm tone is of the earth, it is intrinsically soothing and centering. Ohm is a vibration; it is inaudibly present in all of nature, alive in the wind and in the voices of the plant and animal world. In my own healing journey, I find deep peace and profound healing from the earth and the elemental world. In my clinical experience, I and many of my colleagues, have found Ohm to be incredibly healing and for this reason have chosen Ohm to be the fundamental tone in our healing practices. In the CDs "There's No Place Like Ohm", I begin to explore the healing resonance of animal sounds, and their relationship to Ohm, vibration and rhythms of the earth. In the realm of sound, Ohm is our musical center of gravity, and a beautiful tone to work with in the healing arts.


In the animal kingdom, overtones from crickets, cicadas, bees, and other insects fill the air. The Tibetan monks use the human voice to produce overtones. It is believed that these overtones, when sung and heard, help to heal the inner being on a physical and spiritual or soul level. Singing bowls, gongs, bells, and the didgeridoo are instruments that produce wonderful and audible overtones. As a spiritual notion, overtones represent all that is seen and heard, as well as all that is unseen and unheard, but nevertheless exist. Musically speaking an overtone is the harmonic that occurs when a tone is struck. Simply, overtones are the resulting unstruck tones that occur when a tone is struck or activated. For example, the Low Ohm Tuning Fork produces a low struck tone (68.05 Hz), and subsequent higher tones. These higher tones are overtones. The body, in its natural intelligence, is able to assimilate Ohm and all its beautiful overtones and utilize their healing properties on a vibratory level. Marjorie de Muynck
There's No Place Like Ohmô

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