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The Art of Hot Stone Reflexology - Vol. 4 (Free Shipping)
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The Art of Hot Stone Reflexology - Vol. 4 (Free Shipping)

The Art of Hot Stone Reflexology - Vol. 4 (Free Shipping)

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THE ART OF HOT STONE REFLEXOLOGY Learn specific protocols designed to stimulate energy flow and increase relaxation. View demonstrations of timeless, therapeutic techniques used by world-class, hot stone reflexology professionals. Features up-close video footage of hand and wrist movements, stone manipulation and massage of the feet and legs accompanied by expert narration.

Running Time: 29 minutes


~ Using hot stones to increase relaxation, improve energy flow and open the reflex pathways.
~ Specific reflexology protocols and how to work the zones.
~ Basic equipment and supplies including suggested layout and handling of stones.
~ Use of the Nexauna™, mitts and belly pouch to enhance the client experience.
~ Best stones to use for hot stone reflexology, including which stones best conduct and hold heat.
~ How to set up the equipment and heat the stones to the proper temperature.
~ How to incorporate massage oil and essential oils into the hot stone reflexology protocol.
~ Care and cleaning of the stones.
~ Precautions, recap and review.

Hydrotherapy and the application of heat to the body to produce therapeutic effects can be traced to ancient times. Adding stones to reflexology – or to manicures and pedicures - adds a medium for the application of heat and/or cold to the body. The combination of the heat from the stones, the essential oils, and the soothing massage action of stones and oils produces a deep and penetrating state of relaxation and well being – both for you and your clients.

The Nature’s Healing Stone Therapy™ DVD Series provides hands-on demonstrations of timeless and creative techniques used by world-class professionals to perform relaxation and therapeutic stone massage.

With these instructional stone massage programs, you’ll learn the art of stone massage with a team of professional instructors led by Pat Mayrhofer, a massage therapist, educator and cosmetologist with over 39 years of experience.

There are a variety of stone massage instructional programs available. As with any popular trend, it’s important to seek out the absolute best learning tools – your time is valuable and there are risks involved in using hot stones. This DVD Series offers massage therapists, estheticians, cosmetologists, chiropractors, physical therapists and healing arts professionals access to the most qualified stone massage experts working today.

You’ll learn how to provide the safest, most effective and highest quality stone massage work and how to create a healthy, relaxing and therapeutic stone massage experience for your clients that will keep them coming back to you for more.

Stone massage is both therapeutic and relaxing. Use it to save your hands as you work deeply on your clients. Stone massage is versatile. It can be easily integrated with a full body massage.

Note: The five volumes in the Nature’s Healing Stone Therapy™ DVD Series are designed for certified and licensed professionals who have had training in massage therapy, and assumes a working knowledge of basic massage techniques, anatomy, and medical contraindications.


THE ART OF HOT STONE REFLEXOLOGY may be used anywhere you can play a DVD – in your home or in the relaxation room of a spa, hospital, hospice or even on a laptop or portable DVD player while you are traveling. The continuous play tracks are ideal for use on plasma or LCD screen TVs to create a serene peaceful atmosphere.

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