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How to Clean a Hot Towel Cabinet
Hot towel cabinets are wonderful to have, but they must be kept clean to maintain hygiene. Cleaning a hot towel cabinet is as easy as wiping the interior, emptying drip trays and checking for lose screws or broken parts. Keeping your cabinet clean and functional will ensure years of warm, inviting, and clean towels.

Most people that have a hot towel cabinet don't think about it very often. Most cabinets are well-made and rarely break, so it's easy to put cleaning and maintenance on the back burner, especially in a busy spa setting where several therapists use the cabinet, but nobody is solely responsible for its care and upkeep.

Fortunately, cleaning your hot towel cabinet and maintaining it isn't terribly difficult and takes only a few minutes to ensure you have clean, sanitary towels to use. First, star with the basics. Remove and empty any drip trays and clean up any spilled oils or scent pods that have gotten on the inside of the cabinet. Cleaning messes as they happen is the best policy since it's always easier to clean things before they've been baked on. While you're checking for spills, take a moment to wipe down the inside of the cabinet. Remove shelves and don't forget to clean the drip tray.

While you're wiping down the inside of the cabinet, take a moment to check out the rubber gasket along the door. Pull it away from the metal and wipe it clean. You'll be amazed at what can get trapped in there, and keeping the gasket clean will help prevent moisture from getting into unwanted places and turning into mold. Once a month, check the screws that are hidden next to the gasket and tighten them if necessary.

Finally, be sure to never leave towels in the cabinet overnight. Warm, dark and damp places are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and a UV light may not fully penetrate all surfaces of the towel to kill bacteria. Whether your cabinet has a UV light or not, make it a habit to remove all towels overnight to ensure you don't accidentally spread disease.
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