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Lavender - Aromaland Essential Oil Aromatherapy
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Lavender - Aromaland Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Lavender - Aromaland Essential Oil Aromatherapy

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Product Description
Lavender - Aromaland Essential Oil Aromatherapy Without a doubt, our Lavender French essential oil is the most popular. Originating from France, it's truly relaxing qualities will win you over at the first scent. Latin Name: Lavandula (or Lavendula) angustifolia; L. vera; L. officinalis Description: Floral, herbaceous, fresh. This Lavender variety has a strong, slightly green-smelling aroma. Cultivation Method: Conventionally Grown Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Extracted From: Flowers Color: Clear to slightly pale yellow Perfumery Note: Top/Middle Consistency: Thin, water-like liquid. Aromatherapy Properties: Lavender offers a multitude of benefits and uses. It balances the mood, clears the mind, has a long tradition in skin & hair care as well as medicine and is used for many household solutions. One of the unique characteristics of Lavender Essential Oil is that it is not merely energizing or relaxing, but balancing. The scent of Lavender will rejuvenate and inspire a tired person, and relax, soothe and slow down someone who is stressed or tense. Harness the powers of Lavender to add balance and serenity to our increasingly hectic lives. While pharmaceutical drugs are limited to either stimulating or sedating a person, Lavender - like many other remedies offered by nature - is able to re-establish the person's balanced, harmonious and natural state without the use of synthetic chemicals. Suggested Use: Apply a few drops to a tissue and inhale, or place on your pillow for restful sleep. Add a few drops to your laundry rinse, your drawers, and the water reservoir of your iron for fresh smelling laundry. Two drops on your hair brush will rejuvenate hair and scalp. Add 5 drops to a hot bath for a blissful retreat that can help soothe headaches and stressful times, mixing the oil with Aromaland's Coconut Emulsifier or some Half & Half prior to blending it with the water (in order to prevent the oils from floating on the surface). Add 5-10 drops to 1oz. of Carrier Oil or unscented body care product, less if you are making body care for children. Blends Well With: Almost everything;really nice with citrus notes and florals. Add a bit of Vetiver or Patchouli for a warm base note. Clove will add spice. Geranium, Cedarwood, Clary Sage and Pine are related in character and make great blending partners. Mix Lavender and Frankincense for your bath and steam bath or try Lavender and Rose Geranium. History: The founder of Aromatherapy, R.-M. Gattefoss?, started modern research of Essential Oils when he experienced the benefits of Lavender Essential Oil after applying it to a burn on his hand. Lavender has a long tradition as a beauty and well-being aid (Latin "lavare" means "to wash"!) and in Europe it is even used in hospitals to help patients relax It's origin may lay in Persia, but it is grown all over the world today, in an attempt to satisfy the ever growing demand for this wonderful oil. Unfortunately Lavender is frequently "cut" (stretched) with synthetic compounds, so make sure you buy your Lavender from a reputable source, committed to quality and purity. Specific Safety Information: No known toxicity. GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) approved by the FDA as food flavor.
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