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The professionals at Living Earth Crafts believe that the foundation of a spa or salon is the equipment that is used. They think that spa furniture and equipment should enhance the comfort, atmosphere and overall experience of your clients. The color, padding and functionality of each piece of equipment should be considered when deciding what kind of environment you'd like to create for your customers. By choosing the high-quality spa furniture and equipment created by Living Earth Crafts, you'll improve the aesthetic of your business while increasing the quality of the treatments that your estheticians will be able to provide. Living Earth Crafts spa equipment is also incredibly durable, thereby increasing the value of your initial investment in your business's furnishings.
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Living Earth Crafts spa and salon furniture and equipment is made with the highest-quality materials and features an unmistakable elegance and craftsmanship. The obvious quality of your equipment will instantly allow your spa to join the ranks of other world-class establishments. Their products are also innovative, frequently sporting new designs and features that can be modern, classic or elegant. Finally, Living Earth Crafts equipment will give your clients a feeling of pure luxury when they set foot inside your spa. They will love relaxing and reclining on one of their spa tables, chairs or other plush furniture.

Find great deals on Living Earth Crafts spa and salon furniture and equipment from MassageTools. This premium-quality spa furniture will take your establishment to new heights. It will help you make your clients feel as if they are living lives of luxury when they set foot inside your doors. Choose from a wide selection of different comfortable and functional treatment tables, spa tables, massage tables, wet treatment tables, loungers and more. For pedicures and seated treatments, we also carry Living Earth Crafts pedicure chairs and pedicure loungers. There are also nail table options for manicures as well as more specialty equipment such as vector treatment tables.
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