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Osaki - JP Premium 4.0 Japan Massage Chair (Free Shipping)
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Osaki - JP Premium 4.0 Japan Massage Chair (Free Shipping)Osaki - JP Premium 4.0 Japan Massage Chair (Free Shipping)

Osaki - JP Premium 4.0 Japan Massage Chair (Free Shipping)

Retail Price: $8,999.00
Sale Price: $6,499.00 (You Save: 28%)
Product Description
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The Osaki JP Premium 4.0 Japan Massage Chair delivers a customized massage that's tailored to your body and desired target areas. The chair is designed with a double sensing system that reads where your shoulder and spine is to optimize the depth and points of the massage to your body shape. The chair comes with 3 modes including popular air massage. Heaters along the back and in the foot rests deliver targeted warmth to sooth aware sore muscles.

The Osaki JP Premium 4.0 Massage Chair includes an arm massage sleeve on either side. The industrial design allows users to insert their arm into the sleeve for an complete 360-degree massage experience. Inflatable airbags located throughout the massager lift and adjust users to better fit in the chair for a more relaxing massage experience. The chair's settings are programmable using the include remote control.

3D and 9 Stages of Strength Adjustment
Release your stress with Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 in-depth 3D massage technology. The projection is 4.9 inches which is the industry's latest maximum.

Double Sensing System
Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 is lodaed with double sensing system of "S Shape detection" for spinal line and "Shoulder position" detection for shoulder. This will optimize the "depth" and "points" of massage.

Double Heater System
Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 is lodaed with double heater system that warm shoulder baldes and sole of feet. Those area of body tends to be more stiff and chilled.

New Dimensional Kneading Technique
Kneading technique is the heart of the massaage chair. Kneading in Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 relies on a new sensor which optimizes the rubbing by further implementing the new dimensional massage.

Triple Mode Air System
Air massage technique in Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 gives you triple modes - pluse, normal and Hand Kneading. "Flow Adjustment Function" made it possible to have hand kneading mode which provides comfortable consistency of air massage.

Arm Massage
Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 is equipped with new industrial design for arm massage. The inserting style arm of massage provides you the maximum surface area for arm massage.

Waist and Pelvic Massage
Relax wide range of muscle from the sides of the pelvix to the back of knee.

Shoulder Air Massage
Airbags on the back of shoulder rises up from the back providing a fitting massage in a relaxing position for people of various body types and sizes.

Leg, Calf & Feet Massage
New calf muscle massage fixes the leg part with the left and right air bags and stimulates the zusanri lines. Simultaneously the air bag at the back will add-up the pressure bit by bit at the back of the calf muscle.
Leg massage relaxes from the calf to the foot by repeated pressing and releasing.

Stretch Massage

Neck Stretch
Back Stretch
Waist Stretch

Remote Control and Remote Holder
An easy to operate, high visibility, lots of control with a remote holder.

Standard Features :

  • 4D Massage
  • 3D Depth : 12.5cm - the deepest so far
  • 9 Stages of Strength Adjustment
  • Double Sensors for Shoulder
  • Double Heater
  • 16 types Kneading
  • Stretch Massage
  • Triple Mode Air System
  • 7 min course
  • 12 types auto course

Product Specification :

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