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Osaki - TW-CHIRO Massage Chair (Free Shipping)
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Osaki - TW-CHIRO Massage Chair (Free Shipping)Osaki - TW-CHIRO Massage Chair (Free Shipping)Osaki - TW-CHIRO Massage Chair (Free Shipping)Osaki - TW-CHIRO Massage Chair (Free Shipping)Osaki - TW-CHIRO Massage Chair (Free Shipping)Osaki - TW-CHIRO Massage Chair (Free Shipping) - Video

Osaki - TW-CHIRO Massage Chair (Free Shipping)

Retail Price: $4,599.00
Sale Price: $3,999.00 (You Save: 13%)
Product Description

Osaki TW-Chiro Oversize 3D Massage Chair



3D - XL Design for All Sizes
For larger people, the TW-Chiro is your massage chair. It’s one of the only chairs that offer both a wider seat base and taller backrest with 3D massage technology. The Chiro delivers a comfort with the latest 3D massage features. The recommended range is from 4’11” to 6’6”, with a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs.

3D Advanced Massage Technology


Reward yourself to a quality massage that truly feels like actual hands of a massage therapist. This 3D technology can extend out from the backrest up to 2 inches, delivering a deep penetrating massage to loosen layers of muscles and soothe tension. The massage motors that drive the mechanisms have been fortified with a greater weight baring capacity to accommodate a wider variety of body types. The 3D massage program is easy to activate and requires no adjusting. The computer body scan will map out your back and apply the 3D pressure accordingly.


Real Body Scanning
As premium massage chair, the TW-Chiro has a highly-advanced computer Body scan technology which enables the chair to map out the body with accuracy. This allows for the chair to deliver a precise customized massage based on the individual’s body type and key pressure points. Using optical sensors and state of the art computing technologies, the mechanism automatically reads the curves of your back detecting its length, shape and depth.

Waist Compression
Airbags along the waist will inflate and begin squeezing and stretching the muscles. Also, when inflated the air bags grab the waist allowing for a deeper massage.

Foot & Calf Massage
The airbags in the calves and feet are extend so that when inflated it wrap around, providing fuller coverage and relief.


Shoulder Massage
The airbags behind the shoulder will inflate pushing the shoulders forward, stretching out the shoulder blades.


Full Automatic Recline
The Chiro’s backrest can recline in sync with the leg ottoman or independently. When the chair is fully reclined, the backrest will achieve a 170-degree angle, placing the user in a “flat bed position”


16 Preset Programs
Select from 16 unique and adjustable massage programs. If you desire to incorporate a tapping massage, simple press the “pulse” button on the remote.

Stretch Massage
The chair will grab the ankles and pull which will provide stretching on the back and glutes.

3D Massage
When the user desires a deeper massage, simply press the “3D” button. This will feel like thumbs pressing on a concentrated area for more of a precise massage.


• Oversize Massage Chair
• 3D Body Scanning
• 3D Massage for Deep Tissue Precision Shiatsu
• 3D Wavelet, 3DTapping & 3D Kneading Massage
• S-Track Massage
• Waist Compression Massage
• Rhythmic Tapping Massage
• Stretch, Stretch Knead, Stretch Tapping, Stretch Wavelet Massage
• 16 Auto Program
• Leg Stretching Function
• Whole Body Stretching
• 3 Levels of Width, 5 Levels of Air Intensity, 7 Levels of Strength




Product Video
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