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PHS Chiropractic - Auto Flexion Table - E9018 (Free Shipping)
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PHS Chiropractic - Auto Flexion Table - E9018 (Free Shipping)PHS Chiropractic - Auto Flexion Table - E9018 (Free Shipping)

PHS Chiropractic - Auto Flexion Table - E9018 (Free Shipping)

Our Price: $5,728.00
Elevation Foot Control:
Tradeflex Auto Flexion:
Thoracic Drop:
Pelvic Drop:
Lumbar Drop:
Long Axis Distraction:
Extended Height:
Headpiece Lateral Flexion:
Elevation Hand Control:
Product Description

Offering the same great features as our manual flexion model, the newly engineered TradeFlex Auto Flexion table adds the convenience of variable flexion speed and a treatment timer. This workhorse table gives you and your patients a wide variety of options, from drops and headpieces to height, elevation and even long-axis distraction. You will appreciate the electric tension controls and removable flexion control t-bar that will allow you to move freely around the table. Your patients will benefit from the ability to perform figure-8 range of motion traction, a smooth range of 15 degrees of lateral flexion and a flexion depth of 15 degrees to accommodate almost any angle of drive.

The TradeFlex Auto Flexion table also offers versatilty that will save you time and money, allowing for optimum correction of spinal subluxations or disc problems yet still functioning as an exam, adjusting or therapy table.

TradeFlex Auto Flexion Table Video Demonstration Base Table Features
P/A Flexion
Rear Lateral Flexion
Electric Spring Tension
Variable Speed Control
Flexion Timer
Short T Bar and SST Strap
Ankle Extension
Break-Away Abdominal
Comfort Cushions
Black Base
Paper Roller, Cutter & Guide Bar

Table Specifications
Elevation Option: 22 to 29 lowered height, ordered in 1 increments as measured from the floor to top of cushions. Elevation offers 8 of lift for patient convenience and doctor comfort.
Height Option: 20.5 to 27.5 lowered height, ordered in 1 increments with standard non-elevating base as measured from the floor to the top of cushions
Length: 73
Extended Length (with ankle extension): 83
Ankle Extension Width: 25
Pelvic Cushion Width: 22 (Note: The pelvic cushion will drop in either a flexed, neutral or extended position and can be locked while in a flexed position.)
Thoracic/Lumbar Cushion Width: 22
Cervical Cushion Width: 16
Lifting Capacity: 350 lbs.
Voltage: 115 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Shipping Weight: 400 lbs.
Product weight: 400 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 90 L x 32 W x 32 H (plus 6" for the cone)
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