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Oakworks - Side Lying Positioning System
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Oakworks - Side Lying Positioning SystemOakworks - Side Lying Positioning SystemOakworks - Side Lying Positioning SystemOakworks - Side Lying Positioning System - Video

Oakworks - Side Lying Positioning System

Retail Price: $255.00
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Product Description
This new product, developed with the help of top pregnancy massage instructors, is designed to offer comfortable support for everyone who needs to be in a side lying position. There is no other system on the market specifically designed to take into account all areas of the body in the side lying position, and the focus on this one position makes this the most comfortable option on the market. The system can also be used to create a semi-reclining position with support up to 45 degrees.

Features & Benefits
Perfect for pregnancy massage, sleep apnea, and anyone who needs to maintain a side-lying position.
Less strain on the clients ligaments/cradles and supports the body better
designed for "joint neutral" positions/allowing the therapist to focus on the specific area
Better positioning means less strain on breast, torso, neck, head, and leg is more effective than anything else on the market
Other uses include Overweight customers, elderly, pregnant and post surgical clients.

* Made with Oakworks proprietary super soft Aero-Cel padding and TerraTouch 100% polyurethane fabric to insure your clients comfort. 2 year warranty.

Package Includes:
Head rest: features super soft Aero-Cel padding on the top and a specially designed cut away to allow it to be positioned very close to the torso cushion section. This insures good alignment and support of the head and neck to allow complete relaxation.

Torso Cushion: Designed to be used under the client, it features a multilayer foam system with super soft Aero-Cel foam layered on top of a lower level designed to cradle the client and create a stable position in the middle of the pad, many times not requiring any wedges for support. The super soft upper layer conforms to breasts and bellies better than anything on the market. This raised section takes pressure off the shoulder and hip, areas typically very sensitive during pregnancy.

Leg Cushion: designed to cradle the lower leg if used between the legs, offer generous support in either this position or when positioned on the table, and is made of incredibly soft Aero-Cel padding.

Adjuster wedge: designed to offer just the right amount of support when needed under the belly or behind the back, or anywhere a little lift and stabilization are needed.

Pillow cover: made of matching material allows you to use a regular pillow without concerns about hygiene. A pillow is great under the upper arm to insure good support and minimize lymphatic drainage issues, or any place where a little more support is needed.

Product Video
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