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Benefits for Estheticians - Steamy Wonder

Four reasons why Estheticians love the Steamy Wonder

1 - Adds Body Treatments to your Practice
With the Steamy Wonder™, you can combine popular body treatments with facials. Clients that previously went somewhere else for cellulite reduction, weight loss, mud and seaweed wraps, salt or sugar glows, can now come to you. These Steamy Wonder™ treatments do not require the use of massage or ‘manipulation of the muscles’—allowing most estheticians to offer these treatments without the need for a massage license or a therapist on staff. And you can eliminate the use of body wraps—which are costly and labor-intensive, uncomfortable for the client, and potentially unhealthy due to the toxins in plastics. The heat and moisture generated under the steam canopy offer the same (or better) effect as body wrapping. 2 - Clients Love it
Clients experience profound relaxation under the Steamy Wonder™ canopy. The moist heat combined with lying down and keeping the head cool often puts clients to sleep. They awake feeling deeply rested and rejuvenated. Clients can also move around, change position (raise their knees, turn on their stomach or back) and still enjoy complete comfort and privacy. Testimonials from Clients In addition, regular steaming makes for very beautiful skin. With the Steamy Wonder, you can help clients improve the condition and appearance of their skin from head to toe. 3 - Increased Income
With the Steamy Wonder™, you can offer clients full body spa treatments in the same room where facials are given. Steamy Wonder™ treatments can even be offered at the same time as a facial. This combination of services increases the amount of income per client—and requires minimal additional work, without increasing the amount of your time. In addition to the basic steam treatment, the system comes with instructions for 15 different Steamy Wonder™ body treatments—allowing you to quickly expand your menu of services to include the true spa experience. 4 - Low Cost
The Steamy Wonder™ is a standalone system that works with a standard massage table. All it requires is electricity and a few cups of water—no plumbing or special ventilation. Because the steam allows most body products to be absorbed into the skin, it also eliminates the need for a wet room or shower. When you consider the cost of adding a wet room, vichy shower, steam box or sauna—$3,000 to $10,000—and compare that to the Steamy Wonder™, which is less then half of the lowest price alternative, the Steamy Wonder™ translates to quicker payback and increased profits.