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Teeter TT1001 T3 Massager
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Teeter TT1001 T3 MassagerTeeter TT1001 T3 MassagerTeeter TT1001 T3 MassagerTeeter TT1001 T3 MassagerTeeter TT1001 T3 MassagerTeeter TT1001 T3 Massager

Teeter TT1001 T3 Massager

Retail Price: $59.00
Sale Price: $39.00 (You Save: 34%)
Product Description

One of the most versatile massagers on the market, the Teeter T3 Massager provides countless options for self-massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching and back scratching! Become your own personal masseuse with the ability to quickly transition between roller wheels for a gliding deep-tissue action or pressure point knobs to deliver steady, direct pressure to painful knots and trigger points. Just one-click detaches the stick roller - its durable aluminum core with soft foam outer layer is suited for tackling large muscles groups to perform myofascial release on stiff muscles. Use the strap attachment for Yoga-style stretching support and to add leverage during self-massage. FREE 10-page guide includes techniques for reaching those target areas with each tool and virtually every area of your body.

Versatile Massage Options
  • Achieve a pressure point massage with single and dual Pressure Point Knobs, which simulate circulating thumbs and work best for applying steady and direct pressure to trigger points.
  • Roller Wheels options include both smooth and textured to help massage large surface areas using either a gentle gliding sensation or a targeted deep-tissue effect
  • Stick Roller allows you to perform myofascial release to common trigger point areas such as quads, calves, neck, shoulders, and back to help warm up muscles pre-workout or release muscles post-workout
  • Strap Attachment: Multi-functional adjustable-length strap not only allows the user to add leverage during self-massage, but it can be used to assist with Yoga-style stretching techniques. Comes with a Hook-and-Loop storage tie

Built for the Benefits
  • One-Click Transformation so you can switch between Pressure Point Knobs and Roller Wheels with ease, plus quickly detach the Stick Roller for easy maneuvering or stretching assistance with the strap, or for convenient storage and travel
  • Lightweight, Durable Aluminum Support ensures the Stick Roller core is built to last with an 18mm diameter, 1.6mm wall Aluminum shaft, adding strength without bulk
  • FREE 10 pg. Guide includes techniques for reaching target areas with each tool and virtually every area of the body
  • Packaged dimensions: 6.9 x 2.0 x 30.1 in (17.5 x 5.0 x 76.5 cm)
  • Product weight: 2.1 lb (1.0 kg)
  • Warranty:5-year

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