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Tingler Head Massager
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Tingler Head MassagerTingler Head Massager

Tingler Head Massager

Retail Price: $24.00
Sale Price: $19.99 (You Save: 17%)
Product Description
Send shivers and quivers down your spine. You won’t believe the sensation!

The Tingler head massager has become somewhat of a “cult classic” over the years. This little ditty is fun at parties, at home alone with someone special, or at your desk when you need a little rev-up after a long day!

The Tingler is a great way to introduce someone to the incredible sensation of acupressure massage without overspending on fancy spa treatments. As a gift or a personal massage tool, the Tingler will give you years of enjoyment and lasting relaxation!

Carefully designed copper prongs enhance your relaxation experience with the healing benefits of copper. Polished hard wood handle is silky smooth to reduce hand fatigue when using the Tingler for multiple massages.

Simply bend open the copper prongs to fit your unique head shape and size, and then move the Head Trip slowly from the crown of your head down to just above your eyebrows. You won’t believe the sensation!

Product Features:
- Polished copper handle
- 99% solid Copper prongs
- Durable and easy to clean/sanitize
- Adjusts to fit all head shapes and sizes
- Includes red velvey carry case

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