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Massage Oils

Massage Oil

We offer a selection of the most popular massage oils including USDA Certified organic massage oil from Sacred Earth Botanicals. Choose from unscented massage oils or pre-scented masssage oil from Aromaland. Pumps are usually optional on larger sizes, so consider purchasing a holster with a small refillable pump bottle.
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Massage Oil

There are a lot of choices when it comes to massage oils. Most massage oils are made of a blend of different oils. It’s important to know which oils are included as clients may have reactions to one or more oils. We strongly recommend a certified organic massage oil to reduce the chance of any skin reactions to unnecessary additives. We’ve included a list below of the most popular oils used as ingredients in our massage oil.

Massage Oils - most commonly used

Sunflower Oil – Silky and smooth, this oil expressed from Sunflower seeds and is what gives glide to massage oils. Rich in fatty acids, sunflower oil is light and high in vitamin E. Sunflower oil helps the skin retain moisture and can also help protect against skin irritations and infections.

Safflower Oil – Similar to Sunflower oil, Safflower oil is expressed from Safflower seeds and is both flavorless and colorless. High in linoleic acid, this oil is excellent for hydrating dry skin.

Olive Oil – Often used in cooking, the type of oil used in massage has been specially filtered to add moisture and prevent clogged pores. Olive oil is often used in other cosmetics and soaps to help heal dry and scaly dehydrated skin. Do not consume olive oil used in massage.

Jojoba Oil – Often used as carrier oil due to it’s long shelf-life, Jojoba is really more like a liquid wax than oil. It effectively adds slight drag to support targeted work on client’s specific trouble spots without losing your grip.

Almond Oil – Almonds grown on trees and are commonly referred to as “nuts”. In reality they are seeds of the Almond tree. Great as an emollient, Almond oil is also used as a great skin lubricant for massage. It’s both mild and lightweight. Often used as a substitute for olive oil in massage oils.

Sesame Seed Oil – Long popular in alternative medicines, Sesame oil is a natural anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. Very popular in India, Sesame oil easily penetrates the skin and is used to massage the feet, hair and scalp.

Grape seed Oil – Light and thin, grape seed oil is used as a carrier oil for essential oils and also as a lubricant for massage and shaving.

Avocado Oil – Unlike other oils, Avocado oil is not pressed from the seed but rather the fleshy pulp around the pit. Avocado oil is edible but acts as a great lubricant and for massage. It’s also considered valuable for its skin moisturizing and regenerative properties.

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