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Earthlite Massage Oils & Cremes

With a line of creams and oils developed specifically for use in massage practices, Earthlite has made it possible for massage therapists to get incredible results without overspending. Each of their products is priced competitively while still offering the ideal level of absorbency and texture for providing effective massage services. Earthlite massage oils can be used in a wide variety of massage settings thanks to their special formulations that easily wash away from sheets. Meanwhile, Earthlite's creams and lotions have a light, smooth feeling, so clients never feel greasy or sticky after getting a massage.
Unscented Massage Lotion - Gallon Earthlite

Unscented Massage Lotion - Gallon Earthlite

Regular Price: $43.95
Sale Price: $39.55
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Massage Cream - 16oz.  Earthlite

Massage Cream - 16oz. Earthlite

1 Review
Our Price: $15.95
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Massage Cream - Gallon Earthlite

Massage Cream - Gallon Earthlite

Regular Price: $57.00
Sale Price: $49.99
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Earthlite is known for offering some of the silkiest, smoothest products available for massage therapy. And when you shop at MassageTools, you'll have your pick of massage lubricant varieties and container sizes. Get easily absorbed, nourishing lubricants for your massage therapy clients by selecting from these Earthlite massage oils and creams.
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