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To provide a comfortable space for clients and patients, you need the right equipment. At MassageTools, we offer a wide variety of tools, tables and other items that you need to make your office more welcoming. From cozy, cushioned spa tables to comfortable massage chairs, we have everything you need to design a well-equipped space. Each product helps create a relaxing and comfortable experience for the client while helping trained professionals provide the best services. Browse through our collection of spa and massage equipment to outfit your business with high-quality pieces.
Day Spa Equipment

Day Spa Equipment

Physical Therapy Equipment

Physical Therapy Equipment

Medical Tables

Medical Tables

Prioritizing Patient Care

As any massage therapist, spa service provider or health care professional knows, customer and patient comfort is key for repeat visits and for successful results. Though the products we offer are focused on patient comfort, that's not all they can do. We've carefully selected massage and health care equipment that help professionals provide the best care for each individual, including esthetic equipment, pedicure chairs, facial trolley tables and more.

A variety of features are included with each piece of equipment to ensure that you can help your patients feel better each time they visit you. Whether it's a massage table with an adjustable backrest or Vichy showers with accurate thermostatic control valves, these are the products that have been proven again and again to provide optimal care for those seeking health care, massage or spa services. Your patients will be more satisfied with their care due to the impressive features of the equipment found in our collection.

High-Quality Equipment

At MassageTools, we're picky about which products we offer. That's why you'll see a number of trusted name brands among our products. From Spa Luxe and Comfort Soul to Earthlite and Oakworks, these brands offer high-quality products that will last for years, even in busy clinics and practices. You can rest assured that your client's comfort and care will be improved by using the equipment available from these manufacturers.

To get the day spa equipment, physical therapy equipment and massage tables you need, shop this selection of reliable products from MassageTools. This selection of high-quality, name-brand equipment is perfect for those working in the massage, spa or health care industries. When you use products from this collection, you'll be better equipped to provide the best experience for the clients in your care.
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