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Facial Steamer Maintenance - How to Clean Facial Steamers

First of all, never put essential oils or herbs directly into the water. When dropped into a closed jar with boiling water, they can cause spitting of water, clog the steamer or even break the jar from pressure. Some steamers are equipped a wick-type apparatus at the mouth of the nozzle. A couple of drops of essential oil can be placed here. Other models make use of a special container. These aromatherapy facial steamers are normally more expensive; however, this provides the esthetician with the added benefit of incorporating therapeutic herbs into the steaming process. You can also put a few drops of essential oils on your hands or a cotton pad and hold it close to the steamer for aromatherapy.

Following these guidelines will keep your machine in peak working condition for years. At night, empty the jar and let it dry. Make sure that the rubber seal along the rim of the jar is clean. Refill the steamer with fresh distilled water each morning. Turn it on to give it a chance to warm up. This will save valuable time when receiving your first client of the day. To adequately maintain your facial steamer, follow these guidelines.

~ Always use distilled water unless instructions indicate otherwise.
~ Do not leave water in the steamer overnight.
~ Neglected steamers have a tendency to spit hot water because of the build-up of mineral deposits that occur with daily use. Use a cleaning solution of plain vinegar and water.

General cleaning guidelines for facial steamers:

1. Add two tablespoons of white vinegar and fill to the top with water.
2. We recommend you just use warm water and do not turn on the steamer.
3. Let the solution soak for 2-3 hours.
4. Wipe off the heating coil to remove any remaining mineral deposits. 5. Drain the steamer completely and then refill with distilled water.

Note that there is usually a reset button on steamers for additional safety in the event the steamer runs out of water. If the steamer in not running, check the reset button before you call for help. The steamer should be trouble free if you follow this cleaning procedure.

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