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PHS Chiropractic - ErgoStyle Flexion Table - ES5820 (Free Shipping)
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PHS Chiropractic - ErgoStyle Flexion Table - ES5820 (Free Shipping)PHS Chiropractic - ErgoStyle Flexion Table - ES5820 (Free Shipping)

PHS Chiropractic - ErgoStyle Flexion Table - ES5820 (Free Shipping)

Our Price: $6,683.00
FX Flexion Distraction Table:
Headpiece Lateral Flexion:
Ergostyle FX with Auto-cocking:
Chest Piece:
Long Axis Distraction:
Auto-cocking Foot Control:
Elevation Foot Control:
Tension Foot Control:
T-bar Handle:
Pelvic Drop:
Lumbar Drop:
Thoracic Drop:
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Product Description

The design of our ErgoStyle FX Flexion Distraction table offers full, ultra-smooth counterbalanced flexion, distraction or circumduction, effortlessly meeting the core needs of your practice. Manual flexion/distraction is built right in, with infinitely variable electric spring tension so you can move the caudal section in any direction with just the touch of a finger. For added flexibility, the table also quietly elevates from its lowest height of 20" to its full height of 32.

The fully modular design allows for upgrades now or in the future, including three drops, auto-cocking, auto flexion, headpieces, chest pieces (including long axis distraction), dual auto-cocking foot pedal, dual elevation foot pedal, dual tension foot pedal, T-bar handles and super silent air compressor options.

Standard Features:
Electric elevation from 20"-32"
Single foot pedal for elevation
Expanding covers over lifting mechanism
Tilting headpiece with adjustable sewn face cushions
22.5" wide seamless cushions with multi-density foam
Manual flexion/distraction (Flexion: 15; Extension: 12; Side Bending: 30 total)
Single tension foot pedal (manual flexion only)
Locking 8" extending ankle rest with ankle cuffs
Stationary chest
Paper roll holder and cutter
Durable powder-coated finish
Single auto-cocking foot pedal included with auto-cocking drops
ADA compliant

Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
Overall dimensions: 70L x 28W x 20-32H
Extended maximum length: 78"L
Cushion width: 22.5"W
Rated voltage: 120V/230V
Rated frequency: 60Hz/50Hz
Fuses: 1.6 Amp
Current: 2.7 Amp
Duty cycle: Intermittent-Max: 1 Minute On, 9 Minutes Off
Product weight: 400 lbs.
Shipping weight: 470 lbs. (90L x 32W x 32H)
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