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Silver Fox Mini Facial Steamer w. Ozone & Aromatherapy - FS-100C
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Silver Fox Mini Facial Steamer w. Ozone & Aromatherapy - FS-100CSilver Fox Mini Facial Steamer w. Ozone & Aromatherapy - FS-100CSilver Fox Mini Facial Steamer w. Ozone & Aromatherapy - FS-100CSilver Fox Mini Facial Steamer w. Ozone & Aromatherapy - FS-100CSilver Fox Mini Facial Steamer w. Ozone & Aromatherapy - FS-100CSilver Fox Mini Facial Steamer w. Ozone & Aromatherapy - FS-100CSilver Fox Mini Facial Steamer w. Ozone & Aromatherapy - FS-100C - Video

Silver Fox Mini Facial Steamer w. Ozone & Aromatherapy - FS-100C

Retail Price: $85.00
Sale Price: $69.99 (You Save: 18%)
Product Description
Give your clients the best of both worlds with the Silver Fox Mini Facial Steamer from MassageTools, delivering an amazing facial treatment with the added benefits of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been around for ages, using essential oils to improve a person's overall health and mood. You should never place essential oils in a regular facial steamer because it will damage it. However, the Silver Fox FS-100C is equipped with a special compartment designed to administer aromatherapy.

When you want to create a beauty spa right in your own home or give your salon or spa clients a little more, try adding in an aromatherapy element with MassageTools' Silver Fox Mini Facial Steamer. The Silver Fox FS-100C is the ideal home or professional facial steamer. It is portable and provides an abundance of steam that is ideal for deep skin cleansing.

The FS-100C is also equipped with an aroma therapy compartment, an extended arm attachment as well as independent steam/ozone switches. You'll have steam in only five minutes. MassageTools' Silver Fox FS-100C must be used on a flat surface only.

Aromatherapy has been known to relieve anxiety, boost energy, relieve pain and even help with sleep issues. Try the Silver Fox Mini Facial Steamer at home or inject it into your professional practice and add aromatherapy to the list of options for your clients.


- Arm length: 10 1/2"
- Capacity: 12 fl. oz.
- Depth of base: 7 1/2"
- Electrical specs watts: 400 watts, volts: 110
- Heat to steam in five minutes
- Height 11" not including arm
- Operating time twenty minutes
- One-year limited warranty
- Weight: 4 lbs.
- Width of base: 6 1/2"
- Water usage: distilled water
Product Reviews
43 Reviews
84% (36)
14% (6)
2% (1)
0% (0)
0% (0)
98% Recommend this product (42 of 43 responses)
By Ana
San Diego
October 30, 2018
Love it!
By Syl.
September 8, 2018
Good product
By Sunny California
Sherman Oaks, California
August 16, 2018
Excellent and strong machine
I was not sure this would work for my clients home service treatments. But this machine has proved me wrong. absolutely amazingly strong and efficient. I love how dependable it is and how professional it looks.
By Alice Bloom-Morales
El Dorado Hills, CA
April 25, 2018
Great little device. Very professional for a small machine.
By Stina
Corpus Christi, Tx
April 3, 2018
Love it!
Perfect for what I needed for. Lots of steam!! The arm is awesome to move like a full size steamer. Very happy with purchase :) on sale was a nice plus!
By Greg
Chicago, illinois
March 17, 2018
Great steamer!
I bought this product to use at home and couldnā€™t be happier. It is very easy to operate and works just as well as the salon steamers. I highly recommend this product
By Phyllis
Gulfport, MS
January 15, 2018
Great little machine
I learned about this product from a friend who has owned one for many years. After she let me try hers, I purchased mine. I didn't know there was a small, portable face steamer available. Very happy with the machine and price! Most importantly, I love the benefits for my skin. My husband also uses it to help his always ailing sinuses! Just add a drop or two of eucalyptus oil.
By Lisa McKellar
Palm Harbor, Florida
June 27, 2017
Silver Fox Mini Facial Steamer w. Ozone & Aromatherapy - FS - 100C
Great facial steamer. I improvised "9 ways to Sunday*," but this is by far hands-down the best. (* #1. Vegetable steamer with towel over my head. #2. Golf-size umbrella overhead in a shower; couldn't get the steam hot enough. #3. Joined a gym with a wet sauna. You name it, I tried it. #4. Mini steamer to remove wrinkles from garments; this worked great and travels well. My facial professional referred this to me. THE 2 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IS THE DISTANCE FROM THE STEAM ACCORDING TO THE SKIN TYPE, and LENGTH OF TIME. If you see a facial professional pay attention to how far they hold it to your face. They know what they're doing, and are trained accordingly.
June 20, 2017
Just like heaven
I love my facial steamer. It has been the game changer in my facial ritual. My skin looks smoother, pores are much smaller, and all of my skin care products work more effectively. Others also notice an improvement in my skin texture. I love this steamer.
By Mari
May 27, 2017
Fabulous machine!
As a professional this little steamer with the extended arm is great. The flow is exceptional and refilling is easy. Highly recommend as a space saver in your treatment room.
By Sue kumar
BC Canada
May 23, 2017
. I'm very happy with the steamer. It's small and silent just nice for a facial room table
By Yads
San Bernardino, ca
April 17, 2017
Great product
Great product for the price
By Michael Harris
Grand Blanc, Michigan
December 19, 2016
Great Steamer & Great Service!
The service & the steamer were GREAT!!!
By janet
December 6, 2016
works great
Very pleased. Good flow of steam that heats up quickly. I mix some witch hazel with distilled water. I use it every day. My complexion has really improved.
By Mandy
San Francisco, CA
September 14, 2016
Good Steam
Very good steam. Just don't like the plastic.
By Michele
Milwaukee , wi
March 30, 2016
Great product!
The first time I used it I was amazed at all the steam it produces great little machine also aroma therapy compartment for your oils defiantly a plus.
By Angelita/Richard Alves
United States
February 29, 2016
steam nozzle cracked and broke
It is a good concept for facial steaming and also great for sinus problems. Although there is an option to add scented oil-- it is do it at your own risk. Had a similar mini facial steamer (exact same unit, different brand) and put scented oil and damaged the jar, tubes which rendered it inoperable. Bought this unit and the nozzle broke without even using oil. I am happy as they replaced it free. Manual said nothing about what type of oil to use which should have been stipulated. Ordered extra set of implements just in case. Let's see how long this unit would last being told by the company rep that they never had problems with their unt.
By Yon
February 29, 2016
Silver Fox steamer
Love it! It's just as good as it's said.
By Linsia
December 28, 2015
Mini facial steamer
I recently bought this item and for a small steamer its powerful and handy. I can put it anywhere and do my facial comfortably even by holding it in my hand. I love love it. My face is so clean and smooth eachday . If u looking for a steamer choose this.
By Jana
July 11, 2015
Quiet and compact
i am an esthetician. I bought this steamer to fit in my very small facial room. It is perfect! I love that it has an arm extender and there are no annoying beeps. I have used many professional size steamers and this one by far it the quietest. The only thing is that it stinks like new plastic so I think I will run it with some vinegar water.
By yash
new jersey
May 16, 2015
iti is really good
Phoenix, Arizona
April 28, 2015
Works just as good as the ones aestheticians use (maybe even better). I use it once a week for 10 minutes. My skin has never looked better.
By Deb
New york
April 1, 2015
Mini facial steamer
Love everything about it!
By Diana
March 8, 2015
Awesome Product
I love this facial steamer. Good quality
By Khalil
Ojai, California
January 11, 2015
This steamer is amazing! I have super sensitive skin & am prone to breakouts. I had never really found any product that could help until I got this steamer. I use it everyday & the difference in my skin has blown me away!!! It's cleared up all my breakouts, given my skin a healthy glow, softened my skin & even drastically improved my wrinkles. I highly suggest this steamer. My only advice would be to inquire about the certain essential oils that are safe to use. I used one that was too harsh on the plastic & it ruined the steamer head but the customer service is absolutely amazing & they made sure to resolve the issue right away. I'd recommend everyone who can't afford a facial every week to get this!!
By Richard
Palm Springs, California
December 17, 2014
Awesome Machine
Do yourself a favor and purchase this steamer. You will love it. It is like having a spa in your own home. Produces lots of steam and is very easy to use. I've been going to spa's for treatments and this machine is perfect for those in-between visits. Great price and great steamer!!
By Julia Woodrow
Huntington Beach, CA,
June 14, 2014
mini facial steamer
Well i have not had a chance to use it yet but thank you for contacting me to find out. This tells me that you care.
By Iris K.
Los Angeles
January 19, 2014
Mini Facial Steamer w Ozone & Aromatherapy FS 100C
the little steamer is a perfect size to have in bathroom and remind oneself that it is an easy task to have a nice little pampering of the face. Especially in dry climate like LA my skin noticeably suffered. This steamer is easy to use, was shipped promptly, and I have no complains. My face is happy. It was a good price and after having researched a whole day on amazon and learnt that much more expensive steamers still had too many negative remarks from customers, I am glad that I took a 'risk' with this company that I had not known before. Now I am assured that Massage tools is definitely trustworthy Thanks.
By angel
C.R., Colorado
August 15, 2013
great for single use
this is a great little steamer as long as you have time to refill after each client, which I like to do to keep the water at its freshest.
By Jean
South Carolina
April 28, 2013
Mini Facial Steamer
Very pleased with this product. Provides right amount of steam, very easy to operate. The video is also helpful to get you setup for first time use.
By Veronica
California, Los Angeles
March 9, 2013
Works great its mini but does d job the steam is very good
By Linda Green
July 2, 2012
What does it mean.
It met my expectations
By Dolores J. Kastler
Naples, FL
May 30, 2012
facial steamer
This steamer is excellent for travel and provides a more than sufficient amount of steam. I also like the option for the extended arm. Great product. I love it!!.
South Carolina
March 27, 2012
I absolutely love it!!!!
It's part of my at home spa experience and fits perfectly on my vanity.
By Iryna Eliseenko
January 29, 2012
Mini Facial Steamer w. Ozone & Aromatherapy - FS-100C
Five star product. Produces a GOOD AMOUNT OF STRONG STEAM unlike other facial steamers that you can buy in other places that do not produce any steam. Very happy with the product. I use this product twice a week. I love the results. It helps me with acne. Its one of the best products on the market. And the price is good for such a wonderful product. I recommend this product for others.
By Doug
Brandon, Manitoba
January 10, 2012
Very pleased with this product.
Out of the box the steamer worked perfectly. My wife loves it and uses it daily. We use demineralized water as recommended and also essential oils ans the ozone light feature. Delivery was prompt and in time for Christmas. Unfortunately for us Canadians, there was duty and a delivery charge but nonetheless, we are very pleased with this product.
By Jennifer
Dallas, TX
September 14, 2011
I absolutely love this steamer. Very sturdy, professional and beautifying!
By Xavier
June 17, 2011
The Steamer is great
I bought the mini steamer to help clear my acne. In the first few days my face cleared from all white heads but still left some stubborn blackheads. Befote steaming I fill the bottom of the jar with Dead Sea Salt from Israel and then add the water. And for my face I apply Gunilla of Sweden facial wash to clean and pure honey to diminish my scars. The scars are diminishing but its's taking a little time. Gunilla of Sweden products are great but the steamer makes everything much better
By A Fort
Detroit Michigan
April 19, 2011
mini facial
Its very nice, quality and delivery are excellent . I don't need to visit the salon as often. Would recommend to anyone. I will order other items in the future A.Fort Detroit Michigan
By Nina Flowers
March 13, 2011
Mini Facial Steamer w.Ozone & Aromatherapy
the mini facial steamer has done wonders for my skin.It has helps to clear my skin of many blackheads and dry skin. thank you
By Annette
Los Angeles
March 2, 2011
Love this product and I look GRRREAT!
This does what it says. I steam clean my face about three times a week and this steamer does the trick fast, clean, and powerfully. Makes my skin products work harder and better. I guess that is why spas steam your face; right! :)
By carole
February 4, 2011
Simply The best
easy fast clean dripless, the best steamer I have ever owned, gets alot of attention at the spa, you will be sold out!
By Shannon
October 30, 2010
great for home use!
I'm not a professional, but wanted to have something at home to help open and clean the pores since I don't always have time or money to go to the spa. this workd great with plenty of steam. I love the aromatherapy compartment and use my own essential oils too
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